Meet the team

No two clients are alike, a truth which inspires the Stiles and Hansen Team to tailor each experience to creatively and thoroughly facilitate desired outcomes. The couple thrives upon connecting with others and fostering long-term relationships along the way as evidenced by the vast network of professionals they have on speed dial to add value to each transaction as well as the large number of happy clients whom they still check up on from time to time. Established within the community they serve most passionately, they take pride in treating everyone like family. Transparency, confidentiality, and communication further distinguish their positioning.

Ron’s eye for details is apparent in his love for photography as Char’s heart for the arts is revealed through her love for music and reading. Together, they enjoying traveling and giving back to the community.

Char Stiles


Char Stiles is a legend of the home building industry and an emerging leader in the bespoke real estate experience. She is an award-winning industry professional having received honors for both customer service and sales production. After years of guiding hundreds of homeowners through the often intimidating process of not only purchasing a home, but also being a part of the building, design, and financing processes, she always felt she was limited in her ability to truly exercise her passion.

Through this conviction and the urging of other industry leaders, she decided to become a part My Home Group to be able to service clients in all areas of the Valley with the same level of excellence she has given in her 14+ years of experience. At the core of her belief is the truth that no two clients are alike and the experience must be tailored to a client’s needs. She exercises this same belief from the curation of her luxury listings to home and design consultations to helping a new and budding family find their first special home. Having been born in Ohio, Char has been a resident of Arizona for over a decade, where she currently resides with her husband Ron in Scottsdale. She has two sons and recently became a proud grandparent to a beautiful granddaughter.

Ron Hansen


I have lived in the Phoenix area for over ten years, married with 5 daughters and enjoy spending time with my wife and family, I also love getting outdoors and enjoying what Arizona has to offer. I worked in Phoenix and the Scottsdale area as a property manager at various properties and found that the various skills as a property manager and property owner would be perfect for the transition into a real estate career. Why choose me as your real estate agent? I have a very good understanding of the market and am skillful in strategic pricing and marketing. Plain and simple, I help people every step of the way when purchasing or selling a home, providing professional and trustworthy services. I communicate and educate you the client on every step of the buying and selling process, always available, attending home inspections, meeting with contractors, open communication with the client’s lender, attending the client’s signing, and the ultimate privilege of handing keys to a new homeowner. Choose the agent who treats you like family. If you have any questions about my real estate services, or what I can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kelly Brown


Born and raised in Nebraska, Kelly was ingrained at an early age with what many refer to as “Mid-Western Values”. Respect for others, staying true to your word and always doing your best were common themes around the house – along with just good old-fashioned friendliness and a good sense of humor! After moving to Arizona in 1985, Kelly started her business career in banking, where she developed a love for customer servicedelivered with a personal touch. A humble start as a receptionist for a well-known bank in Tucson, Arizona, evolved into a teller position, then Accounts Manager, and then her favorite role – as a Personal Banker. Dealing with customers ranging from a teenager opening their first savings account to Corporate Business Accounts, Kelly quickly adapted to the needs of each individual client. After moving to Phoenix in 1991, shediscovered an interest in real estate and immediately worked on getting a Real Estate license. Kelly “won the lottery” when she was fortunate enough to secure a position as a New Homes Sales Specialist and spent nearly two decades selling for some of the most reputable New Home Builders in the Valley of the Sun. A few years ago, Kelly decided that she wanted toe able to offer her clients any kind of home they desired – new build, re-sale,mobile home – even a tree house! Her personal goal is to connect with each client in a way that lets them know someone is working on their behalf that considers them like family. Kelly’s extensive experience allows her to guide each clientthrough the buying and selling process with clear communication and discussion of expectations.

Kelly’s keeps busy in her “spare” time with three dogs, a cat, avery noisy parrot – and her husband! A lover of the outdoors, she enjoys hiking, biking, swimming and sunshine! Her love for singing could be the reason you might see her out doing Karaoke some evening!